Need some info regarding Nero

Hi all

I was wondering,what exactly is the Read Position?,when i use more than one recorder i see them,and they are “dancing” (usualy the NEC drive Read Position is getting higher and lower while my LITEON stays at 0%).

And while at it,why is it that when i burn (700MB CDR) the buffer level of the two recorders keeps on jumping between them aprox after burning half of the disc? (they are jumping quick,NEC lowering its buffer level to 20%,fill up,then the LITEON is droping to like 20%,when one recorder buffer level is down,the other recorder is at full).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Quick Diagnosis: Data isn’t flowing quickly enough to keep the writing drive’s buffer full as the burn speed increases. These drivers are on the same IDE channel, aren’t they?

Nope,each drive on its own IDE channel,alone.