Need some info about clonecd4 versus 5

I just joined and need a boost.

I am trying to clone my sims2 university disc and have clonecd 5 (latest from slysoft) and have read on and on about an “amplify weak sectors” feature and “hide cdr media type” too. is this automatic with version 5 or is there a tweak tool available like there was for version 4?

also i have a-ray scanner and alcohol 120% in which i am trying to copy it with

Probably the wrong section for this.

Have you had a look into the software sections?

Cd or Dvd version of the game? What burner/s and other reader/s , if any, do you have?

more info is required to help you out.

sorry philamber, its the cd version of sims2 university. i think i got it to work but just getting all data that i can in case it doesnt work. i am using HP dvd-640e and an HP dvd-740i to keep it simple.