Need some ImgBurn help

Ok so I’m trying to build an ISO and I have 2 problems:

  1. I leave the file system as ISO9660+UDF, which I’ve read is supposed to be for best results. But when I try to build the ISO, it says “Directory depth exceeds ISO9660 of 8 levels!”. How do I fix this so that I can use the ISO9660+UDF file system?

  2. I’m trying to make an image from the original ISO and I used isobuster to extract the files into a folder and also add a folder of my own. The original ISO image is about 5.89 GB, but when I build the image using imgburn, the new image becomes 4.22 GB (same thing occured when I used UltraISO). Why is this and how can I fix that?

Thanks in advance!


  1. Decrease the folders/tree used.

  2. Ask those who created that ISO…

If you look on the ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Restrictions’ -> ‘ISO9660’ tab you’ll see an option to let you bypass the 8 directory level limit.

Just know that in doing so you’re potentially creating a disc that won’t work in devices that can only handle 8 levels. (if it’s just a data disc for use in Window, don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine).