Need Some Help!

I have made 6 back up dvds with no prob. but the last few i have back up with Memorex DVD-R witch is what i have been useing all working well. But like42 mins in to the movie it will start to frezze up and the video looks messed up. So i down loaded DVDinfo2 and read the disc funny thing i get diff media 1 box of 10 Reads Manufauture ProDiscSC02/same brand diff box reads CMC MAG.AF1. So i thought that since i have cked the back up veiwing it on powerDVD and played fine that it must be the media? So i just went to best buy purshased a 10 pack of Fuji DVD-R read it and it reads Media code or Manufacture ID TYG01. can this be my prob. that it will play great then start giving a prob.though i would ask be fore trying the fuji Please any help :bow:

Yes, the media could be your problem. The TYs are good media for most, give them a shot.

(btw, the CMCs don’t work well for me either)