Need some help

Someone stole my car and i found some camera recordings from a bank nearby.I took the videos but the bank cameras didnt have IR view and the car was stolen during the night and the view is too dark.
I tried with adobe premier but not enough results.Probably i didnt used the effect in the right way.
I know that my request might look strange but i would like some help.

Hope to recive an answer from you.

Thanks best regards Martin

I don’t mean to offend but your post raises a couple of questions. If your car was stolen, did you notify the police? And if you notified the police, it would be they, not you, who would have access to whatever tapes are available. I’m sorry, but I know of no bank that would hand over security tapes to joe citizen just for the asking. As to your question about filtering the video, I have no idea.

Ok thats the reason why i told you that it might seems strange.
Anyway i just didnt explained totally the situation so prob youre right to raise your own questions.

Anyway my answer is that the police was there in the moment that i took the videos from the bank but what i didnt explained correctly is that when the police took a look at the videos at the bank with me thay said:
oh sorry man but its too dark to identify something.
Thats why i took the videos and tried to work on them with Adobe premiere(cos i work with audio editing and have just few information on video editing) hoping to calryfy something by myself.
Another thing is that in Albania policemans dont know how to use adobe premiere or other stuff like that seccond my car its just a Marcedes benc born in 1989.for them this case is bullshit but thats not for me.

anyway i thought i could find some more help explaining some things from the situation and my question was simple how can i give some more brightness to a video made in the dark.

Thank you

O.K. I actually think it’s cool that the bank gave you the video, it couldn’t happen in the US.
As for your lightening problem have you checked the Adobe forums? I can’t imagine it being that difficult, even Windows Movie Maker has a simple lighten filter.

Lightening the video will only help if the information is there to start with. For a simple test, capture one frame of the video and import it into Photoshop (or whatever), then use the brightness/contrast control with preview to see if you can bring out any more detail. If you can’t then it is unlikely that you will have any joy with the video.

What it boils down to is the “colour-depth” of the dark areas of the picture. If what looks like black on the screen is encoded with 20 different shades of darkness, then you might be able to bring out some detaill, but if it’s only one or two then you’re out of luck.