Need some help

I want to replace the standard CD/DVD combo drive in my D630. I bought a Lite-On from New Egg but it doesn’t fit it is to small. Can someone recommend a non Dell drive that will work.

McFly!!! Anyone got any advice?

Yes. Here’s some advice:

  1. Use a thread title that actually conveys some information about your problem. We all ‘Need some help’.
  2. Lite-On makes many drive models. NewEgg sells quite a few of them. AFAIK most users of this forum just ain’t psychic enough to know which model you bought. If it’s ‘too small’ did you perhaps buy a ‘slim type’?

My apologies here is the model SLIM DVD BURN|LITE-ON DS-8A1P-021. I purchased this model because I thought it would work in laptops specifically my D630. But apparently not.

It’s a good idea to examine both drives more closely. :slight_smile:
Think your “dell” burner has some kind of additional casing that has to be mounted on your Litey.
Check the back of drives and you’ll see.

Keep us posted. :wink:

Yeah I looked at that and tried to take it off but don’t think it is gonna happen. After some more looking and research I found that Dell is Small Form Factor and the Lite-On is Slimline.

Its most probably just a game with words from dells side… (Small form factor in computer technology is something complete different, AFAIK.)
All standard slimdrives are ½’’ high and with same outher size and shape. (Some Sony laptops use smaller only 9mm high drives though.)

Hope you own some really small screwdrivers for the task. :wink:

I got the tools will attempt surgery tonight.

Well surgery went well and the Litey is resting comfortably in the Dell. All it took was a hacksaw and some duct tape.