Need some help

Ok, so I purchased CloneDVD a little over a year ago from Slysoft’s website. Everything was all good. But this past August, my laptop which had CloneDVD on it, got stolen. Is there anyway I can re-download the program and not pay for it? I have the e-mail that had the link to download the product key, but when I clicked on it, it says the link has expired. Just wondering if there was anyway I can get the key back or if I have to repurchase it.

Contact Slysoft support.

If your Laptop was stolen together with your CloneDVD license, IMHO you need to buy a new license (if you weren’t clever enough to have a backup). Or does IBM give you a new laptop?

I didnt back it up. Didnt know I could (or know how to do it for that matter). I had to buy a new laptop on my own.

@ Padams,

Give me a break!

If you have enough computer savvy to make back up copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles you possess the same computer savvy to make a back up copy of your CloneDVD registration key as clearly instructed by SlySoft in the E-Mail they sent you when they sent you your CloneDVD registration key.

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Sigh. :doh:
You could contact SlySoft support as DJMind suggested and say “pretty, please”.

I sent an email asking if there was anything that could be done. If not, oh well.

And trust me bjkg…Im shooting myself in the foot right now.

PAdams, I know it’s upsetting loosing something, especially when it’s stolen, but let’s face it, Clone DVD and Any DVD are very inexpensive for what you get. If I lost my horribly expensive XP Office suite and the serial number, I probably would shoot my self in the foot.

Clone DVD and Any DVD, probably cost a lot less than some of us spend on beer a month. So, if it was me, I would just buy it/them again.

I had a break in a few months ago and the wife’s purse and mobile phone were stolen. Not a lot of cash fortunately and the credit cards were just cancelled. I had just bought the mobile for around £80 as an unlocked phone and the chances of getting that back was small to say the least.

Although the thought of some monkey stealing it really upset me, the only choice I had was to buy another as the insurance excess is £100.
The loss of your lappie is a different ball game! :sad: