Need Some Help

Im A Deffinate Newbie And I Have An I/o Magic Benq Burner,using Nero 6.somethin Trying To Burn Dvds From Files Downloaded From Limewire.nothing Seems To Play In My Dvd Players But It Will Play On My Comp.the Whole Dvd Burning Thing Is Complicated To Me.i Dont Understand Alot Of The Process,write Speeds,blank Dvds,all That Stuff.the Voices Dont Match The Video.on My Player There Is A Vertacle Line That Runs Down The Screen.whats The Problem.

I think its your DVD Player. Some dvd players and unable to play certain media files depending on the way they are encoded. Also, some DVD players refuse to play DVD’s with MP3 on them, but they can play the CD with MP3 on them. Don’t assume just because it can do MP3 that it would work on a DVD and don’t assume a DIVX player would play DIVX files encoded with GMC or QPEL or other MP4 tricks. It’s not a fault with your DVD burner or software in my opinion.

I am guessing that few if any of the files are mpeg 2. Use nero vision express to convert to dvd format (if your version of nero has it). Open start smart, click make your own dvd video, add the video files, keep going through the program to make some simple menus and it should play fine. Fyi, yes it should take a few hours to transcode an entire dvd’s worth of content so don’t be suprized. If it doesn’t work, thier could be a few issues, like the corect codex isn’t installed, or nero doesn’t like that particular file type (I have seen a few that it didn’t). Post what specific problems you have including what errors if any if this process doesn’t work. Fyi also keep in mind, if you are getting it off limewire, the file may be corupt. Does the downloaded file play fine from the hard drive on your computer in a media player?

(I was assuming he was making an standard cd wid files on it for the player to play - which is what i assume) but ripit’s approach takes a while, but since it is DVDVideo compliant it should be guaranteed to play w/o problems’