Need some help

OK this is realy vauge but i dont have any further details

My cd burner has stopd reconising the disks in it,
when i go to use nero and finaly burn it it keep displaying “please insert a disk to be written to” (or close you know the one i mean) also cant read any disks (i.e. music albums) if i go through windows explorer it just has an empty window in the folder.
Iv tryd the simple things i can think of , re-installed my nero (actualy to the latest verion) , tryd to unistall the actual drive but that just seemed to "de-activate it) and finaly i pullled the data ribbon out of it and pluged it back in( after a re-start) in hope it would reconise new hardware

No luck

the fault orginaly started when my computer crashd during a burn

So any ideas ? i know this isnt alot to go by but im majorly stuck

Thanks for your time


(p.s. sorry for spelling gramma, just got back from the pub)

Adding multiple burn applications can mess up Windows. Remove all burn applications. Remove the Primary and Secondary IDE channels. Also remove all optical drives if possible. Reboot and reload Nero.

I would wipe the hard drive and reload windows if the problem persists. I doubt that the drive is bad. course you can always test the drive with another PC. It should read commercial data CDs and DVDs.

The only burn software i have is nero, not a complete newbie but how do ur remove the ide channels ?

Thanks for your time


Go to Device Manager under IDE options. Right click on the IDE channel and remove.

You may also want to check your burner’s manufacturer’s web site to see if there is a firmware available for download and try reflashing your drive.

IV tryd that, ut i cant seem to find what type , who makes it all i get is atpi52max (or close to)