Need some help with XJ-HD166S

Whenever the DVD-ROM tries to read a CD it immediately causes the computer to shutdown. It plays audio CDs fine and I successfully installed Windows 2000 with this DVD-ROM but since that no data CDs can be read.

I’ve tried moving it from the secondary IDE channel to the primary, changing it from slave to master on each channel, flashed the firmware to the latest version available at and I have made sure it is set to DMA mode…

Can anyone offer me any suggestions?

Hi, welcome to the forum. This sounds like software. 1st, set windows to BSOD instead of shutdown, you do this in system properties - advanced - startup and recovery.
This should give you a BSOD message with a reference to the offending driver or file.

Ok, I did that but when the DVD-ROM tries to read a CD it still shuts the computer off.

Du you have a weak power suplly btw? the disc spinning up may just be the little difference that makes the computer unstable.

Have you overclocked your computer?

It for sure may be a software problem as well.

Have a 400w PS so I don’t think that’s it.

Proc is not overclocked.

I tried a DVD-ROM that I know works in the computer and had the same problem and the computer even crashes when I don’t even have any DVD-ROM hooked up to the computer at all.

I was going to format the HD to see if that would do anything and I tried several things like gwscan and using the HD diagnostic tool from the manufacturer but they either didn’t work or the computer crashed while the program was running.

Isn’t it possible for you to find another drive and try like that ?

Also, put your drive in another computer and try again.

Then you should be sure where’s the prob.

Ok, I put the DVD-ROM in another computer and it works perfectly. I then took the HD out of the first computer and formatted it in another computer and when I put it back in the computer still shuts down when trying to read a CD and sometimes will shut down during start up.

I have no clue what the problem is now…the HD has been formatted, it and the DVD-ROM both worked fine in another computer and yet the problem still happens.

Could it be a motherboard problem? And how would I fix that without using a CD?

the total wattage of a power supply isn’t the most important thing about it; it’s the stability of the rails. if it’s a crappy psu, the individual rails may not be able to handle the load of all the devices u’ve attached to it. try swapping in the psu from the other computer and see if the problem persists. the problem could very well be something else but this would help eliminate the psu as a possible source of problems.

I do not think this is a problem with the DVD-ROM. It’s something else in your computer causing it. Here is what I think it may be:

Most likely reason first…

1: PSU
2: Memory
3: mobo
4: CPU
5: HDD
6: One of your PCI/AGP cards
7: Something else
8: Bad wibration in the metal in your case. j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, I have exactly the same problem with my XJ-HD166S, except that it only happens with some CD’s not all CD’s. When it does happen I get a blue fatal exception screen and it freezes my PC, and I have to do a hard reboot.