>> need some help with setting up a RAID system

Well this turned out to be a lot tougher than I thought. I did some basic reading into RAID systems and figured that if I wanted to boost the speed of my system for games big time I should set one up.

So I bought 2 Fujitsu 36GB SCSI U160 15Krpm 80pin Hard Drive’s

My current system is an Alienware Area 51 with the following specs

XP pro
Pentium 4 2.4ghz
1 gig 1066 RAM
and two drives (one which I will get rid of) but the one I am keeping is a 7200 120gb drive that I will use for permanent storage

My question is this… I want to setup a RAID 0 configuration with the two Fujitsu Drives I just bought… but I just realized today that 80pin will defintely not fit the cables in my computer… (duh). I am assuming I have to buy a SCSI card… which one should I buy? Is there an adapter I could buy to convert to the cables in my computer (they 68? hell I don’t even know… whatever standard is).

BTW whenever I look in hardware profile I see this

ST323DK SCSI Controller


Regardless I want to spend as little money as possible but if the card makes all the difference in the world performance wise then I could probably spring about 200 bucks for it (if needed).

I’m hoping whatever controller I get will have a stinkin manual so I can setup the jumpers etc… as I can follow directions and have basic computer skills but that’s about it :smiley:


HERE’S a good resource for all things RAID. there’s a few old SCSI dinosaurs hanging around there too. Those drives should rock for you when you get them set up. Just be sure to back up regularly, RAID-0 is a bit risky.