Need some help with rosetta stone

hey im having trouble cause i cant find my original disk. I still have the application and all the files backed up. So i was thinking i could just emulate the language disk… but i dunno which file to mount on the emulating program. Like what is the name of the file??? :a

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It all depends on how you made your copy… :wink:

When you own a legal obtained Rosetta Stone CD, this is one way to backup and emulate the copy.
(Note, I haven’t done this myself because I don’t own this program.)

well i have it all installed and what not but i cant get any of the language files to show up :’(

There’s a whole thread on Rosetta Stone issues here

hey i looked through the whole big thread and it did not have to the answer to my question. i also looked around and found someone that used this file setup to make a language disk:


ARA01_01 to ARA10_11

I burned it as an iso on a CD-R and also tried mounting the iso on daemon tools (latest version) but neither of them worked.

I would really appreciate some help.

You will probably get more help in the CD & DVD Copy Protection forum. Moving it there…

So i should start a new thread on that forum???