Need some help with ND3530A



Ok looks like iv messed up my drive the other day when I used Liggy’s and Dee’s IOData OEM firmware 3.23 for the ND3530A I used… and the firmware updated without problems, but I never tested my drive.

Now I have noticed it wont read disc however when I put blank dvd in it says it can write at 6x but have not tried didnt want to waste a dvd.

Problem is now I cant change the firmware because it will keep failing also noticed the dvd drive makes a wierd noise now when I put cd oh yeh and when computer is first booted. Thinking about it it stays on the first bios screen for ages aswell. Argh lol what have I done.

A stupid mistake I made to was I forgot to dump the original firmware before flashing 323_fast.bin but even so it wouldnt of made a difference because it wont let me flash with anything else.

Is there anyway I can fix my drive and have I used the wrong firmware?


Anybody have any suggestions?