Need some help with my speedy CD drives, please



This is an issue that I believe was handled in earlier topics here, which is how I found the forum through Google. My situation is a little more sticky, so I hope you wonderful CDFreaks can help me out.

My PC is a four-year-old Dell Dimension 2400 with a DVD-ROM drive (Hitachi GDR8162B) and CD-RW (previously Samsung SW-248, now upgraded to a slightly faster LG GCE-8525B). After these past years and countless times moving my rig from place to place, my drives decided they didn’t want to let me load videos or music straight from discs; this includes DVDs, and data and music CDs. What the drives will do is spin to their roaring maximum speed and the video will play at triple/quadruple speed, with plenty of skipped frames and demonically garbled sound.

Through my research, and especially thanks to the CDF thread <a href=“”>here</a> I found that it’s probably just a side effect of an aging computer, and that I need to somehow slow my drives down so my processor can read them. I have downloaded and installed Nero DriveSpeed, but - while it’s obvious the drive itself is, in fact, slowing down - the videos still won’t play correctly, at any of the lower speeds I can choose from. Is there anything I can try, or any other pointers from the learned elite?


Confirm that both drives are running in UDMA mode, not PIO. Barring that issue, sounds like your problem is software related, not hardware. Given that, you need to provide more info about what software you are using for playback, and try something else.

(FYI- it’s the software, not the drive, that determines playback speeds. the drive will happily crank out the data at max speed unless the software tells it what to do. Most software will use a buffer and call for more data as needed.)


Well, huh. Just goes to show how little I really know.

One of my IDE channel was indeed set to PIO, and if I wanted to know it was, quite literally, as easy flipping a switch, I wouldn’t have freaked out so much trying to fix things myself.

I’ll know better next time to turn to the experts. Thank you very much, CDan! Everything is fine now!