Need some help with flight and here comes the boom

i got flight and here comes the boom today tried ver. and both versions just set there will not open the disc i have tried with pathplayer on and off still no results.

if i start the prograhm first it will open the disc but says the quality is 10 or 11 percent. i click start almost imeadiatly get message objective faild.

im running windows 7 i have a emachines computer with a (HL-DT-ST dvdram GH70N ATA )opticle drive.

They just released a new update which supposed to handle one of those movies same for Passkey. They may release a DVDFab 9 update as well

DVDFab Qt is out (February 6, 2012)

DVDFab Qt is out (February 6, 2012)

BD Copy:
New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on “Flight” (US).
New: Updated decrption keys.

testing it now works on flight still will not open Here comes the boom reg 1 usa

Here Comes The Boom can be done with Version

not sure if i have that one worked greaght found 5320 on some old back up disc also found out i have 90% of all versions since i bought dvdfab will still do about 99% of new releases, just once in a while they throw a curve ball :bigsmile: