Need some help with burning at a certain speed

I’m having problems with my liteon LTR - 52246S and now my Aopen CDROM. Before I had the liteon (had an open 24x burner) I was able to read and write at 1x or even 2x but I can not any more since I put the Liteon burner in my pc.

In Blindwrite I can select 1x burn speed but then it gotos max burn speed. I can only select 4x at the lowest and it will burn at 4x. Also reading a disc at 1x or 2x it will automatically go up to 4x and stay there.

In Alcohol I can only select 4x for the lowest burning speed for my drive. There was this one time when I did a format and reinstalling windows xp, it only showed 1x 2x 4x 8x and max and it did work at 1x but when I loaded alcohol back up it was at the normal 4x lowest speed.

Is this information for the drive speed kept in the registry and can be changed so I can burn at 1x? I really have to get this to work for making a backup of one disc.

Thanks for any help.

4x is the lowest speed at which your drive can burn.