Need some help with Acer or BenQ CD_RW

Am new to the site and need some help with Acer or BenQ CD_RW
Model # 4824p.
It is “dead” and would like to know if there is any thing I can do
to get it up and running.
I am running Windows XP (home) with a Pentium 4 2.0 GHz.

Welcome to the forum dhc40 :slight_smile:

Could you be more specific please about what the problem is that made you think the burner is dead?

Is it connected to the system and recognized or not? Getting current? Just burning coasters? What error messages to you get? etc

It is connected to the system, and does not come on.
There is current to the unit but it doesn’t do anything.
It is not recognized by the computer, and none of the lights
come on.
Any help you have I could use.

Have you done anything that might have killed it? Was there a recent lightning storm or did you flash the firmware?

It was working fine then would not come on, the next time I booted up.
It has me at a lost, guess the best thing to do is put it in the
out basket.


I would suggest trying it in another system first before resorting to the recycle bin :wink:

I’ve got a old system around here somewhere.
Will pull it out and give it a try.
Hope it works, if not, out the window.
Thanks for all the help.