Need Some Help With A Xbox

I have had a xbox for xmas and it was chiped and like a fool i formatted the E drive and now it wont play my dvds can u tell me were i can get the software from to make the xbox play my dvds or can u tell me what to do Please.

Okay, which HD do you have on there? The easiest way (if you don’t mind losing what you had on the HD) would be to get one of the autoinstallers and use it to format and reprogram the HD.

thats the only way to fix it is by formatting the entire drive. The reason your games arent working is because there is a cache folde on the E drive which cannot be located. like jesterrace said, just get slayers auto-installer 2.6 and format then install your dash.

Don’t get me wrong, but why should he have to reformat it once again with Slayer ? He already formatted it. :wink: I do not understand what me meant with playing DVD’s. DVD based games or DVD movies. He formatted the partition that contained the utils that play DVD movies. (DVDPlayer and Mediaplayer) Second, games have nothing to do with partition E, the cache partitions are X,Y and Z. Anyway, the E drive contains the UDATA and TDATA directories, one for the saves/music and the other is for the metafile infos. If you delete these, the Xbox will create one as you start the dash.:slight_smile: (and you can play ANY game without these, the game will recreate the required 2 folders) One more note: anything I’d use but Slayer’s and alike tools… I’d get the files and boot from a CD/DVD, then transfer the tools manually to the HDD and that’s all. No need for Slayer’s useless and probably OUTDATED stuff, especially if he needs playing DVD’s and playing games only. (I wish none will suggest to install those useless emulators just to play an Xbox game :confused: )

regards, Stephen

whoops, I misread. I thought he meant he screwed up his E drive. nvm the part about formatting the whole drive :D. Actally, games and movies do have something to do with the E partition. Cache is stored in the X, Y, Z, AND E\cache folders/drive. But that would have nothing to do with not being able to play games or movies because the xbox should have automatically made the E\cache folder. And, yes, slayers has a lot of outdated stuff on it but it is te most user freindly auto-installer. And if you dont want the outdated apps, ugrade them or delete them. Or just download the apps you want and ftp them, its your personal decision :).

Ok I Was Readin What You Was Saying And Well I Got Some Issues With That I’m Getting A Error 13 And I Tryed To Reinstall The “krazyie Tools” But It Keeps Sayin Failin When I Wanted To Get Evo X Or Unles X They Both Failed To Install Ok I Seen That U Said U Need Slayers Aid 3 Well First I Dont Where To Get It And If I Get It I Dont Know If It Would B Right So Can You Give Me A Link Or Something I Tryed To Make A Boot Cd Before But I Guess It Didnt Work I Used A Cd-rw Cause My Dvd Drive Really Dont Read Cd-r’s 2 Good But For Sum Reason I Had A Dvd-r In With A Movie On It And It Work So I Dont Know But Can You Help My Out And By The Way How Do You Format?