Need some help with a new burner

My pos sony dru-716a is dead so its time for something new. My choices are a benq dw1620 and a plextor px 716a. I have read good and bad on both of them so its hard do make a decision. I will be using the drive to rip and write and the media I use most is -r. Any advice would be very helpful.

Those are really your only two choices? I would wait a bit until the 1640 is out. There have been some major problems with early death in the 1620. If you really have only two choices and you cannot wait it has to be Plextor.

Well those are my only choices if I buy one from a local shop. I can hold off and order something online which would be way cheaper. Then that leaves me with another question, would it be better to get two different drives (one for reading one for writing) or just one? If im gonna order online then I want to get something thats gonna last and function well since the last burner i ran out and got was crap. So many choices I have no idea.

What kind of -R? If you are using only TYG02 then I would go for BenQ 1620 because it’s cheaper. If other than that and price is not a problem, then go for Plextor PX-716A since it burns most +R and -R very good. BenQ 1620 is known strong with +R.

Or just like chas0039 said, might be worth waiting for the 1640 because from what I’ve seen, is better in handling -R compare to 1620.

Online from Newegg, my first choice is the NEC 3520 based on the quality of the burns with my media and the quality of the drive manufacturer. See below for evidence. The NECs are know as poor readers and slow rippers and slow CD burners. Another drive is the only way to solve this problem if it is a problem. I would get the NEC and then hold off and see if you need another drive. With the 1640, the Pioneer 110, the NEC 4550 and who knows what else coming in the next few months it will probably bite you in the backside if you get two drives now. The NEC will be a drive you can use well into the future because of the burn quality. The best advice on a second drive is to wait a while and buy based on something the NEC isn’t doing.

My advise would be the LG GSA-4163B.

It’s a great drive and is cheap. :iagree:

I like the LG as well but for some time the NEC has been cheaper. Also if I was getting a RAM drive I would wait for the 16X versions out this summer. Lastly, while it is not really needed for quality media, there is a huge supported base of modified firmware. The LG is a slow ripper as is the NEC. At least the mods help a little. Just my thoughts.

thanks for the help guys. For the moment I decided to go with the NEC. Im gonna hold off on a second drive till the new ones start to hit.