Need some Help with a 3450A

I’ve been looking all through your forums and have come up with some limited results.

I currently have a Dell computer that came with a NEC ND-3450A dvd burner. I’ve been googling some solutions on bitsetting my device, and finally found liggy&dee’s site which suggested changing the firmware to 3500A after using the NECdriveconver.exe program, which I did with much success.

Now the drive will read and recognize my Durabrand CD-R’s and I was able to burn a few files to it with no problems.

My girlfriend brought over some RiDATA DVD+R’s that she gave me to try, and the device will not recognize them. I right click and look at the properties, and it reads the disk as having 0 available space (where it did properly read the CD-R as having all available space). At first I thought I might have screwed up the flash, so I tried putting in a DVD, and the drive read/ran it fine. I decided to try and backup a media file using 1clickdvd, and the program went through the compression stages, but once it got to the burnable part, again, it was saying the burn failed (without any activity in the DVD+RW drive). To make sure, i put a CD-R and an actual DVD movie in the drive and ran 1clickdvd to see if I could get a more defined error message, but the same “Burn process failed” message came, leaving me to believe that the program is reading a full disk within the drive (or a disk with insufficient amt. of free space).

I saw a post on a 3500A not having compatability with the RiDATA disks, and some people suggested certain firmware’s that would solve the problem, but I’m not 100% sure if that would work for me, simply because i origionally have a 3450A.

Basically, I’m trying to get some use out of these DVD’s, and I guess my question boil’s down to:

Is it known for RiDATA 8x DVD+R to have a combatibility problem with NEC ND-3450A burners?

Any help, is much appreciated.