Need some help please

I have an LG DVD combi drive DVD/CDRW/CD - up and til an hour or so ago it was reading DVD’s (originals) and playing them perfectly - now all of a sudden it will not recognise any DVD in the drive at all - although it will play any other disk ie CD/CDR/CDRW

has anyone any ideas please - desperate for resolution

Many many thanks in anticipation

Have you installed anything recently, like Windows updates ?

Unit stopped working with windows ME so installed windows XP fresh install - no good - stil lthe same


You need to also install ASPI on your computer. Go to for current XP ASPI. Also do a search on for a file called aspichk. This small program checks your drivers and see if you have aspi installed.

Latest aspi drivers intsalled - still same probs - it has all along played standard disks but not DVD disks which tells me the drive is working but for some unknown reason will not play DVD’s.

Get the latest firmware for your dvd rom drive…and flash it again.

latest firmware flashed in - still the same getting desperate now


Have you tried region killer???

What actually happens when you put a DVD/DVDR in the drive ?

Does it just spin indefinitely and lock up your PC or does it give you any kind of error message ?

I had a similar problem when one of my DVDROM drives was dying. I had to replace it soon afterwards, as eventually, it didn’t read CDR’s either.

I suppose you have tried cleaning the laser ?

When I put the disk in the drive the light comes on the unit for about 10 seconds as if it is trying to read it then just goes out. All other types of media work fine apart from DVD disks whether original or backups.

System/Device manager tells me that the unit is working fine - so I am lost now.

Going to call LG tech support at 9am and see if they can throw any light on it.

Really hoping that someone here can throw some light on it also.


Sorry fogot to add I do not get any error messages at all.

So new Aspi drivers installed, clean install of windows, new firmware flashed.


If LG’s Tech Support don’t come up with anything, It’s aprocess of elimination, try the following :

  1. Uninstall the drive, (in Windows Device Manager) and let windows find it again, as new harware.

  2. Remove the IDE channel (in Windows Device Manager) ,that the drive is on and let Windows find it again.

  3. Try opening the case, pull out the ribbon cable and power lead to the drive. Re-boot with it disconnected, power down, then reconnect it and boot up again.

It could, of course just be a dodgy drive, but sometimes the above routine can sort out gremlins !

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


One other thought, if nothing else works, boot up into BIOS (usually DEL KEY), go into “Standard CMOS Set Up” and change “Type” to “Auto”, if it’s not already set, this may help.

Hiya Phil

I have spoken to LG support who were as vague as anything - but they suspect that it is a faulty drive and that I take it back to retail supplier (PC World)

So rushed home from work took old one (2 weeks old) out of case, rushed round to PC World who have replaced the drive. Will install new one tonight and let you know how I get on.

If it works great, if it doesnt will once again take it back and get different model, but was quite liking the fact that it was a combi drive for the other facilities.

Many many thanks for all your help.