Need some help please people :)

[I]What would you recomend i buy people ?

Im after a new writer what will write all current
formats available Ie: cdr’s dvdr’s+ And - And mp3’s, ext ext !!

I’ve got the money to buy one im just at a confused
state atm as to which one to get and though of you guys :bigsmile:

I’ve been looking @ these:
LiteON LDW-851S 8x DVD±R/±RW Drive
And the
LiteOn SOHW-812S 8x DVD±R/±RW Drive

And also this:
Liteon LTR-52327S 52x/32x/52x CD-ReWriter …

Obviously i would prefer the dvd ones but
if im undecided still for a while i will get the
cd rewriter for a bit till i make my mind up …

Anyone’s recomendations will be appreciated [/I]:bigsmile:

First of all there’s a difference between the
851s n 812s, the latter writes 8x on both formats while the 851s only writes at 4x the -R format.
If you plan to write many cds you should go for the Liteon (either one) cause of their 40x write speed n 24x rewriting speed.
If you want DVD writing quality above all, you should consider along with Liteons, the NEC 2500a n the Pioneer 107D.

Hope i could help.


[I]Nice comment so far mate, Thanks :bigsmile:

And thanks for pointing out that the 851s only
writes at 4x on -R i didnt even notice that “minor”
important bit lol …

Any more votes/comments would be appreciated guys ;)[/I]

I would go for the 52327S and wait for dual layer DVD burners.

Specs of Lite-On drives can be found here

[I]Dual layer are due out end of this yr ? arent they :confused:

Tbh you might be right, It would save me some money and
the money saved would be put to good use with a dual layer
dvd burner when theyre out in the 3rd /4th quarter of the year …[/I]