Need some help please guys and gals



ok i downloaded the sims 8 in 1 for the pc for my daughter and took some time but finally got it… now the problem is that file one was an setup exe an autorun setup information and simscd icon… disc 2 and disc 3 was a .pak file … i have never seen a pak file before and when i googled it to try and figure out how to use it all i got was some thing about a quake engine for a server or some thing like that lol…i can get the game to work fine and i been playing it already but i need to put it on disc for my little girls pc as she is obsessed with the game and i promised her i would sort it for her so any help would be really appreciated (if you want to email me or any thing its (email edited out: imkidd57) im really sorry to bug you but i have tryied every thing else and im stuck now thx


Unfortunately you will remain stuck, until you read the rules that you signed up to.

We don’t give help with downloaded illegally-distributed games. :cop:

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