Need some help please advize thanks!

i dont have a dvd re-writer i only have a cd-rewriter and i dont want to go get a dvd re-writer just yet.
so heres my dilemma i just got a movie from a torrent site and there was instructions on how to burn it onto a cd-r disk.
i done that and it play,d perfectly in my dvd player.
the movie came as a kvcd file.
now i was wondering if i could burn any movie file onto cd-r using my cd-rewriter and watch it on my dvd player.
please leave me all the things i,d need like software too convert files or whatever.
hope you understand what i mean.
thanks in advance daniel

If your Kvcd played fine in your standalone DVD Player ,then yes chances are it could play other formats besides dvd, like avi (Divx or Xvid)…What’s the DVD player? what do you want to convert from and to what format?