Need some help here

I have a marriage video, i need to change the audio for that video how can i do it can anybody help me
thank you
i am a newbie
please help. :smiley:

You need to give some more info about your video. What type of file (.avi, mpeg, DVD, etc) and do you want to replace the audio with something else or add audio to your current track…

It was in a video cd i have converted it into mpg file, now i want to replace the audio of this mpg file into someother audio how can i go about it

Open Tmpgenc. Cancel the wizard. Click File, mpeg tools.
On the Simple Demux tab, open your video, click RUN.
This will separate the video from audio, and produce an mp2 (audio) file, and an m2v (video) file.
You can then reverse the process, using the Simple Multiplex tab, to add your new audio to the video.