Need some help determining which Taiyo Yuden to get

I did a search but from what I read in that thread no one really answered the question.

I’m deciding between these 2 types of Taiyo Yuden:



Bear in mind that I do NOT plan on printing or putting any type of labels on these discs. I’m just curious if buying the white inkjet printable gives the disc more protection over the silver thermal.


If you want the cheaper option, go for the silver lacquer.

If you want a surface that looks nicer when written on with a pen, go for the white inkjet printable.

Since DVDs have the reflective and data layers in the middle of the disc (unlike CD media), there is no additional protection offered by the printable top surface.

Yea, there is no added protection like drage said. Personally though, i like using a sharpie on the silver laquer tops than inkjet printables, it’s personal preference though. I like the looks of the silver tops better too. Your also going to pay a little more for the inkjet printables, which IMO isn’t worth it unless your planning on printing them. The inkjet printables also come in tape wrap, rather than the cake box spindles.

Ah, thank you for the quick reply and help :smiley:

EDIT: Ya I kinda want to get the cheaper one since there is no added protection compared to the printable. But thinking of all the fingerprints on the silver thermal kinda turns me off from it! Decisions decisions :confused:

Back with another question :doh:.

Anyone know why this is cheaper:

compared to:

Thanks again! :bow:

Maybe because the thermal lacquer work with this and the shiny silver do not?

Not sure, but you’re probably right.

I’d go for whatever is cheapest as both are the same disc at the end of the day and there’s not disadvantage as far as functionality goes.

The only thing I don’t like about my TY silvers is that they smudge easily.