Need some help and advice here on SOny

I have Pentium 4 [1.6GHz] , intel MoBo, RDRAM pc600 128MB, Windows Xp system.
Can i install a sony dvd writer with only 128RDRAM, because it will not be possible me to upgrade as rdram is not available in India.
IF is install would the writer work and writer without giving any error,
Any suggestion always welcome

If you burn at very low speed it will work, but…

XP in 128Mb ? - PAINFUL !

The writer software would have to manage with a minimum of software cache (Ultrabuffer in nero), but since all current drives have some underrun proof system, it wouldn’t spoil the burn if the buffer emptied.

It would be a lot more dependent on the HD health - and with that level of RAM, then using a spare hard disk for swapfile may prove useful - I know people say that a smaller, slower drive is not great, but getting the swap load away from the main drive may help, even if the second drive is only half the speed.