Need some Help/Advice Please!

I have two DVD burners in my machine. Windows Vista Ultimate if that matters. In the past few weeks the DVD burners will no longer burn DVD’s and or eject them without a reboot of the system. Is there any logical or simple reason this is happening. I have tried to look for firmware upgrades and only found one for the DVD drive LH-20A1L but the ATAPI DH16W1S there is nothing to be found other than its a Lite On drive. I have tried many different software apps, and seems that none will work to burn DVD’s but works flawlessly on CD burning. Odd. Please, someone must know whats wrong or a fix.

Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Are the jumper settings set to slave and the other to master? If so unistalling the drives and restarting the computer just might do the trick!

I have not changed any jumpers, and I have them on different SATA pairs as well. The one drive is on #2 SATA port and the other is on #5 SATA port. I will double check the jumpres but to be honest I don’t think there are any on them at all which would either have them set as Master, or maybe just cable select. Will check and report what I find. Thanks!

What software do you have installed? Some software interrupts the natural flow of things, and prevents the correct operation of DVD drives [software such as Daemon Tools, CloneDVD, CloneCD, Alcohol 120, etc].

Also, have you made any recent changes to the system, software- or hardware-wise?

Just as I thought, no jumpers on either drive. I do not have any Virtual drive software installed. Beein trying Nero, Cheetah DVD and a few others. I did a COMPLETE reinstall of Vista, and redid all the sata cables pairing them up to the OEM HDD and OEM DVD drive on 1&2. My RAID drives on 3&4 and then the other Lite ON dvd drive on 5 and another storage drive on 6. Still same issues. The drives are now burning, but will not auto eject upon successful burn, nor eject with button. I have to reboot the PC to get at the DVD’s The DVD’s after burning are not readable on these drives, but work fine on either of my other two PC’s/Laptop. Very odd drives now. Starting to think Lite ON is not a good choice for my system. Any other ideas to try?


Are the drives connected directly to the motherboard? If so, what motherboard do you have? If not, to what do you have them connected?

Yes, drives are connected to the board itself. Its an ACER machine with the Intel Quad Core. Unsure on the make of the board. Whatever ACER uses these days.

Tried to contact LiteON’s Live Chat support. Got a real winner. He/She obviously had no idea and ended the chat and went offline after I explained the scenario to him/her. Owell I emailed their support and requested 2 RMA’s as these drives are JUNK. Hope to get some reply but not gonna hold my breathe.

Go into bios and make sure that the SATA is set at SATA not RAID.

Got a reply from Liteon via email after sending them a nasty one. They sent me a new firmware for my one drive and seems to have fixed the issue on both drives. Odd but they came though for me. So far I am happy since the drives are useful again. Thanks for all your replies guys.