Need some good quality media for my 3500?

Right I got majorly stung with a seriously bad batch of ANV Go5 dye discs from blankdiskshop. They go to pot at the end of the disc ( where it changes to 8X I guess). I get horrible transfer rates.

Anyway I do not want to get stung again, I am not gonna cheap out on media, I want sumin that will give me good quality. Now from what I read on here the Tayo Yuden are the best? Also seen some Verbatimin 16X?

Now I am not gonna be messing with firmware unless it official. All I want is sumin that will give me consistently good burns at its rated speed.

I am gonna buy DVD-R from here

Now, out of the Verbatimin and Tayos I guess would be the right choice? Or are there others to consider. I only want DVD-R as they work well in my DVD player, and are more compatible.

Please help me to not get stung. :frowning:

EDIT> I am on the verge of selling this 3500 due to bad quality burns. Formatted, tried windows drivers on my NF3 based board etc, diff firmware and no luck. If the top dog media does not work, then I am gonna have to go with a Pioneer 109. I would rather not do this though if I can find some good stuff! :confused:

If you want the absolute safest bet I’d say the Taiyo Yuden’s are a great choice, I never had any problems with them at all. :slight_smile:


Either the TY’s or Verbatims are a very good choice-

Both of my 3500’s prefer the -R medias-

I have not had any good experiences with +R’s in my system-


Thanks guys! I am looking @ the Verbatimin 16X, is that a bad idea considering they new? Also I read the Tayo will burn @ 16X even on stock firmware? :slight_smile:

I would not waste my $ with 16X media. Yuden000 T02 is reasonably priced, and works well for almost all drives.


I just got the Verbatim 16x -R from for $.38 each shipped (after $30 Mail In Rebate) - which is a kicka$$ price for this media IMO-


Ok, well I have just made a poll, please vote and help me decide! :slight_smile:

Where do you get those Tayo Yuden from ?
Would be great to have them printable.
I would like to order on Internet, final destination is Belgium.


you can order them from or (same shop) they send to *.be… only thing is… 13 euro sending cost… so try to order with some people at the same time…

Or you can order from and get Fuji’s (also TY media-code… but even cheaper…) and you pay only 6 euro sending cost…

If you happen to live in Antwerp… lemme know something… need some new media too :wink:


i use also original branded Ricoh 8x DVD+R directly from Ricoh eshop - they are also very nice - don´t use 3rd party ricohs that can vary with quality a lot !

Thanks guys, looking at the poll suggests that I go for the Tayo’s. Thats my next buy. :slight_smile: