Need some files of flash mx 2004 trial

Two days back, I downloaded Flash MX 2004 (english for windows - 76.8 MB )from macromedia’s site. Now after unzipping the files, it says that the file ‘Install_Flash_MX_2004.exe’ is corrupted.

I have been able to extract some of the files (like 507 kb, 65,257 kb and data1.hdr: 413 kb) from ‘Install_Flash_MX_2004.exe’. The other files (ikernel.ex_, layout.bin, Setup.exe, Setup.ini, setup.inx) are corrupted and shows 0kb size. I am looking for only the corrupt files so as to avoid downloading full 76.8 mb all over again.

Can anyone please give me the following files of Flash MX trial.

ikernel.ex_, layout.bin, Setup.exe, Setup.ini, setup.inx.

When u run ‘Install_Flash_MX_2004.exe’ all the files get extracted inside the ‘temp’ folder in a folder named pft*.tmp\disk1 and this temporaty folder gets deleted on completion of the installation.

Thanking you in advance.

Err , why not download it again ? :confused:

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
Err , why not download it again ? :confused:

I can, but just trying to avoid downloading all over again since in India (my country), downloading 76 mb is a bit costly affair. I have already wasted around 7-8 hrs downloading the corrupted exe.:sad:

Ah ok . Well i can’t help you , since Opera is not supported on the macromedia site. Perhaps can come up with an extracted ftp path or something ?

Did not work…but thanks any ways:)

Namaste my indian friend… :slight_smile:

I hope these will work

Namaste Friend.

Do you understand / speak Hindi?

Thanks for your help. But it didinot work. Are the files for Flash MX 2004 installation? I tried to install it on winXP, but it says “No need to install driver for windows XP”. I then tried to install it on win98, there it says “” file is required. It this a setup for any driver?

Best regards.


Oh no, unfortunately Namaste is the only word I know… :wink:
I re-downloaded the trial-installation-file from Macromedia and uploaded them. I truely hope it’ll work this time.




I have also used WinRAR to compress the files, if you find that to be a more comfortable way to get the files.

Hello Friend.

So kind of you, to download the whole software for me and then again upload the required files. Thank u so… much.

You are indeed a true Dost (Friend).


It was my pleasure… :slight_smile:
I was once in your position; when I couldn’t download software because of the bandwidth restrictions. It was a tough time, and I know what you’re going through.

I hope you enjoy using Flash, dost. :slight_smile:

(Ps. Dost means friend in my language too. Persian )

R u from Sweden?

Thum kaise hai mera dosth .

mein is forum ko thumhe swagath kartha hum!!!