Need some feedback to break the bargain jail

This is my 1st post on the forum. For the past 6 hr that I have spent on this board searching like crazy I can’t help but post this question.

So far It seem that liteon is considered the king of cheap (copy all) burner by majority of the user of this forum. Mitsumi is up next in line, with Yamaha being considered the king in technological innovation.

My problem is I am trying to buy a burner to meet or exceed my expectation. I am amazed by the over clocking ability of the liteon drives and the flawless over burn ability of the Mitsumi drives.

I own a TDK 241040B which turned out to be a oem liteon. I have been having issue when burning cdr above 720MB and it also seem that it is unable to close the cd properly. Lead-out fails on every burn whether or not the media is 80, 80+ or 80++.
So, today I decide to look into my pocket and buy a new drive to meet this need properly.

The problem I face in making my choices are price, capability and reliability. Most reviews out there (except cdfreaks) do not do a real burn test for over burn. Very little reliable information is on the net on the ability of drives currently on the market.

Basically, asking for reliable information on your drives ability to over burn.
I am looking into buying any drive that won’t make me pay more than 150 bucks.
Some drives I been checking up on.
Asus: CRW-4012A, CRW-3212A (CRW-4812A –N/A)
Mitsumi: 480ATE, 485CTE, CR-485CTE
LiteOn: LTR-48125W, LTR-40125S
LG: GCE-8400B
Plextor: PXW4012TA/SW
Yamaha: CRW3200EZ

I need to be able to over burn up to 98min without issues and so far only Mitsumi 480ATE seems meet that need but then there is the EFM burning problem which is correctable by using clonecd ‘s AW profile.

I appreciate any feedback on your experience with these drives on reliability, quality and most important over-burn capability.

I hope I didn’t ask something that may have been discussed and posted already.

lite-on can burn up to 99min and can do correct EWS

Yes, I do not have any problems with Lite-On & burning up to 99min discs…

I would have considered these drives(out of those mentioned):
Asus: CRW-4012A, CRW-3212A (CRW-4812A –N/A)
LiteOn: LTR-48125W, LTR-40125S
LG: GCE-8400B (or GCE-8480B, 48/16/48X when availible…)