Need some feedback on the Benq 162i

I plan on getting this tomorrow and I would appreciate some feedback. Here goes :

  1. Is this writer’s burn quality on par with the 1620 pro?
  2. Can Qsuite be used with this burner?
  3. Anyone managed to get a 16x burn with this writer?

Thanks. :bow:

I got the external new years day.
I am not happy with it, as a lot of burns hang up at 99% and I can’t even eject the disk (at least not until I unplug the usb cable, but then I need to reboot windows xp anyways).

I have toasted about 15 disks in this drive since getting it, and quite often go back to my older LG internal drive to make my writes.

Qscan is not supported, but runs on it. Im running it right now.
CD-DVD speed media test sort of runs, depending on the driver patch,but is very slow. The number says .## instead of 8.00 or whatever the speed should be… It takes 2 hours to do a full scan. And there are no PIF errors reports, so I don’t know how usefull it is to run this.

I regret getting this now, and wish I had gone with the internal.
Just check the boards here. Not much found if you search EW162i (or EW1621 as some have spelled it).

I’m new to this, so maybe someone else can comment. I could be just doing something wrong, but have got the latest firmware installed. I installed 47N9 and went back to 47L9 because of reported problems, but had more then with the 47L9, so am back with 47N9 now.

I’m not familiar with this model, but you should be able to convert the external burner to an internal unit. Just remove the drive caddy.

Well I have a DW1620Pro installed in an external 1394a/USB2 Combo Case. I have the 47L9 (EW162I) firmware installed. On 1394a I can burn @ 16X. On USB2 I can burn @12X.

You can’t currently run QSuite because it only supported currently with the new LiteScribe drives and firmware B7U9. I expect BenQ to uodate the 47x9 firmware in the future.

Please go read “The Big External Case” thread, much much more details. From this thread, it appears the TRUE EW162I will only support 12X burning and will not reach 16X.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing a DW1620 ($55.00) and a Prolific PL-3507 chipset case ($32.00). So for about $87.00 you will have a great external burner. A TRUE EW162I cost is about $160 to $180 (expensive).

Hope this helps…

Ok… thanks for the feedback.

[B]Just an FYI for you:

I have been in contact with Erik the author of Nero CD-DVD-Speed and the 47N9 version of firmware doesn’t scan at higher than 1.4X and no PIF are reported. BenQ forgot to update the firmware with the fixes he needed that why it doesn’t work correctly. Go back to 47L9 and the Quaility test will work.

Do you think there will be an update which resolves this?

If you look at the BenQ history on firmware updates for there two external units (EW162I and EW822U) it not too good. It’s like they just forget about them. The 47N9 firmware is dated November 2004. They have updated the internal drive many times since, but nothing on the EW162I.

newegg sell them for $97:smiley:

No (as already answered above).
But I think you will be able to use Quikee’s WOPC Tool :wink:

Perhaps we should write to them and bother them a bit.

Another example: The EW882U is only a DW822A in an external case. But there is no dual layer support. Asked BenQ, " We never promised to provide DL support for the EW822A but only for the DW822A". Therefore no DL support…

beach-hobo, looks like the latest 162I firmware (47P9) fixed this issue. :slight_smile:
No need to go back to 47L9 anymore.


where did you find 47p9 i would love to have a copy

There is a link posted to it in the other recent thread on EW162i today or yesterday.
Here is the link, if it works…

I’m about to try it in 30 minutes or so… Just what I’ve been waiting for :slight_smile:

Ok quick test ew162i fw 47P9 on my 1620 in the 1394 enclosure
media id prodiscF01 rated to 8x burned at 12x time 6:40
Scanned with nero speed 4.04

Please note that prodiscF01 is poor media and does not burn well past 8x
This was true even on my other fw and even other drives.

47P9 changelog

  1. Improve WOPC algorithm.
  2. Improve the writing quality for MKM DVD+R DL media.
    Release Date:2005/7/24

This fw works with Qsuite