Need some fast advice: TDK or LiteOn

Got a gift card to blow so I have to get this at Best buy…which limits me to the Universal BUSlink 52x24x52 which I assume is a LiteOn becasue its got a big smart-burn sticker on teh front…or the TDK veloCD 52x24x48 which has an 80ms seek time comared to the 120 of the above drive…and may or may not be a LiteOn from what I read on this forum concerning past TDK branding.

The TDK is $30 more but that’s no big deal…I just want to get the best drive I can here. I don’t do that much with audio but I want it to be able to tackle any app/game that I throw at it.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

Also, where should I look to find info on the latest and greatest software to push this thing when I get it? Alcohol 120% is what I have now…should I look elsewhere?

Thanks guys,


Get the Universal BUSlink 52x24x52 and take the $30 you save and get a spindle of Fuji CD-R :slight_smile:

The Buslink box just says 120ms, but retail box Lite-On says 80ms seek. And isn’t the TDK basically the same drive with different firmware?

That’s why I am asking :slight_smile: I think the UniBusLink is the no-brainer here…thanks guys :slight_smile:

They are both the same drive.