Need some Blu-ray Burner suggestions

Hi guys … I’m looking for a new internal Blu-ray Burner, so I need advice on which one to get. I burn a relatively high volume of blu-ray media, so I need something which is reliable.

Here are some options I saw from Newegg:

Pioneer BDR-208DBK

Previously, I have had 3 blu-ray burners, which got ‘burned’ out (Power Calibration Error messages) eventually:

  1. Pioneer blu-ray burner, which came fitted in my laptop … Lasted only 3-4 months
  2. LITE-ON IHBS112-04 … Solid performance … lasted nearly 2 years
  3. A second LITE-ON IHBS112-04 … This one lasted about 11 months … Burned out 2 days ago …

So now I need a writer again …

I know a lot of people go for Pioneers here, but I’m a little reluctant on those maybe because of my experience with them, although granted that laptop based optical drives are ‘crappier’ … But still I can give it a go if you guys think it’s good …

So need suggestions people ! :slight_smile:

For burning blu ray, most of us recommend Pioneer and LG.

I’ve got one of each for burning blu ray and have no complaints with either.

With the promo code EMCXWXM58, you’ll save $11 off the Pioneer 208, which makes it a very good buy. That code is good for a couple more days.

Can you tell me why are Pioneer/LG recommendable ? I’m not questioning your opinion or anything, I just want to know what puts them ahead the others …

I looked around the forum and in one thread the following two Pioneer Blu-ray Burners were recommended I think: Pioneer BDR-S07XLT and Pioneer BDR-S08XLT

Are they better than the one being sold on Newegg (Pioneer BDR-208DBK) ?

Also, will I [I]actually be able[/I] to burn at say, 15x speed with Pioneer BDR-208DBK, assuming the disc supports it ? I’m asking because I just got a brand new LG WH14NS40K today for temporary use from a friend, until I get my own burner, and I tried to write on a Verbatim BD-R DL using it at 8x speed, but ImgBurn still averaged around 4.1x ~ 4.2x, which is just a little bit higher than the speed I’ve been burning at for the past years, 4.0x …

DL Blu ray will be burned at a slower speed no matter what burner you have. The highest rated speed for that Pioneer with DL BD R is 14x, but you’d be mad to actually burn expensive DL media at that rate.

The 208 is the current Pioneer drive and is well respected by everyone who has tried it. I believe the XLT designation is for burning triple layer BDR XL media…100gb. I haven’t seen any quad layer media, which would be 128gb. Prohibitively expensive anyway.

The members here like the LG and Pioneer burners for the quality of their burns primarily. They tend to buy Lite-on for scanning purposes. It takes a bit of time reading through threads, but you’ll see this is the general trend.

But to get best quality burns, you need to concentrate on burning at moderate speeds. Its rare that you get a drive/firmware/media combination that works best at top speed.

Yeah I agree that 14x is a very high speed, but 8x should be doable, right ? I couldn’t even get 5x as average burn speed on the temporary LG WH14NS40K, when burning on a BD-R DL … Is there something else probably which is preventing higher burn speeds maybe ?

Also, what kind of life can I expect to get out of a Pioneer drive then, on average and approximately ? Like I said, my very first Blu-ray Burner was a Pioneer BDR-TD03 laptop burner (virtually dead but still installed in my laptop), which only lasted about 3-4 months … This kinda scares be to be honest, as far as Pioneer is concerned …

And the models which I suggested in the first post were just some models I was considering … So you can definitely suggest other burners if you’d like …

The speed you set in ImgBurn is max speed for that burn. Average speed will be lower, sometimes by a fair amount.

Speed will vary according to the firmware of the drive and what it will allow for a particular mid code for the disc. ImgBurn can only burn at the rate that the drive will let it.

I don’t know how long a Pioneer drive will last you. I used a Pioneer 111L for years until I gave it away. My Pioneer 207MBK has worked flawlessly. And my LG GGW-H20L still works with absolutely no issues, and it is over four years old now. But no one can predict how your drive will function.

My normal recommendation is to buy a Pioneer blu ray drive and there is nothing wrong with the 208. An LG will be fine also. I’ve found my LG is a very good dvd writer as well. If you can only get one drive and want the ability to do scans, buy a Lite-on.

The Pioneer BDR-S07XLT DOES NOT burn BDXL (TL and QL), it has 1) fancy, shiny faceplate, and 2) honeycomb chassis. However, the BDR-S08XLT DOES burn BDXL as well as the other features mentioned before.

^ I love how logical that naming convention is! :slight_smile:

Goes to show, you should always read the fine print.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2705607]My normal recommendation is to buy a Pioneer blu ray drive and there is nothing wrong with the 208. An LG will be fine also. I’ve found my LG is a very good dvd writer as well. If you can only get one drive and want the ability to do [I][U]scans[/U][/I], buy a Lite-on.[/QUOTE]

What do you mean by ‘scans’ ? I don’t understand that … I’ve seen that terms used elsewhere in the forum too, but I don’t know what it means …

Scanning is its own minor religion/major fetish around here.

Basically, Quality Scanning uses the error correction built into the drive to show how the drive reads the disc (theoretically), and [B]indirectly[/B] gives an indication of how good your burn is. Scans cannot be compared across drives with any degree of accuracy. Only certain drives are good for making quality scans, and for blu ray, the Lite-on drives and their clones are best.

A Transfer Rate Test is actually reading the data on the disc and shows any slowdowns in that process. Big drops in read speed are bad, as the drive has to slow down to get all the information. Most drives can do transfer rate tests.

There are several programs that are used for scanning. For dvds and cds you can use Nero CD/DVD Speed, which can still be found online for free. For blu ray, use Opti Drive Control, which is not a free program.

If for some insane reason you wish to learn more about scanning, start reading in the Disc Testing Methods subforum.

Alright well I just ordered Pioneer BDR-208DBK from Newegg … Let’s see how this second Pioneer Blu-ray Burner treats me … Thanks for your advice Kerry !

[QUOTE=Ahmadka;2705572]I burn a relatively high volume of blu-ray media…[/QUOTE]
Care you put a number of discs per week/month to that?

Maybe about 10-13 BD-Rs/BD-R DLs a month maybe ?