Need some basic instructions for burning plz

I am pretty new to this DVD burning thing … I have made some copies that have come out “ok” and a couple that have not been “ok” :frowning: … can I erase those and start over or are those DVD-R’s not of any use now?? plus when trying to backup my latest DVD I noticed something else …<<<blushes>>>

Obviously I see that I need to know more about what I am doing here… I am pretty computer savvy & I am also a quick learner.

I have a Dell Dimension 4700 Microsoft Windows XP Professional Pentium 4 Processor @3.0 Ghz with 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM @ 400 Mhz… my DVD drives are: SONY DVD-ROM DDU1615 and PHILIPS DVD±RW DVD8631

I have Any DVD & Clone DVD software

I am not sure which parts of the audio and/or video on the DVD I am trying to back up that I can exclude without losing the desired end copy that I am trying to attain. The end copy that I would like to have is a copy of the movie to watch with all of the special features, I do not desire any subtitles unless they might be necessary as with the"Crouching Tiger" movie. Previews of other movies are not always desired either.

I know nothing about which audio to choose at all. And on the current one I am trying to back up when I look at the dvd file contents, I noticed that there is a file named “” which I would think this is a file which makes it possible to run the dvd on a Mac, but am not really sure what it is.

If it is what I think it is , then there must be “2 different copies” of this movie on the DVD and probably I just need one of them.

Also on the same DVD I am trying to back up are 2 versions of the movie… one is “uncorked” and the other is “theatrical”… I would like to have both of these so that I might retain the option of watching either one.

I would like to know more about what to choose and not to choose so that I can bring up the quality of the writing process into the “green” area on the CloneDVD software writing program and I understand that the less I copy the better the end result I will get.

Any instruction and/or advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time !!! :iagree: :slight_smile: :flower:

Hi, welcome to the forums! :smiley:

Not sure about most of it, as I don’t use the same software as you for backing up.

But what I can say is, DVD-R/+R is write-once. To erase and start again on a disc, you’d need to use DVD-RW/+RW.

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Its kind of hard to tell unless someone has the same movie as you as diffrebt dvd’s have diffrent options. If you could post what options there are to check perhaps we could tell you what they are. You should be able to pick the middle button on the first screen and get a working dvd with the options it selects.

Generally I would keep the Dolby Digital 5.1 & if it had DTS I’d lose that as keeping it impacts too much on the quality of the video & I don’t have any DTS sound equipment. Also I don’t keep any special effects,menues,subtitles etc for the same reasons of loosing video quality.
Subtitles are essential on some movies as you rightly indicate & here must be kept.

Great advice by all!

I do it this way/ all free programs/ maybe/LOL

FABDVDDECRYPTER(removes all encryptions and enables faster copying from the HD)
SHRINK(In Reauthor mode=Copy main title only and 5.1 English, Delete credits and intro)
Auto Burn into Nero version .18 or older(newer versions are not working with Shrink lately) or use Decrypter