Need some assistance

I am using Nero 7 Ultra. When I copy an audio cd Nero’s “Title and CD Database” dialog box does NOT open. I have all the proper options checked and my firewall is set to allow Nero to access the internet on port 80. Below is a description of what is supposed to happen when copying an audio cd directly to a blank cd using “on the fly”.

“If you’re copying an audio disc, Nero’s Title And CD Database
dialog box appears. If you have Internet access, click Access Internet
Database, click the audio disc’s name as displayed in the dialog box,
and then click Selected CD to save the audio track names on your
newly copied disc. If you don’t have Internet access or if there isn’t
an Internet listing for your audio disc, click Create A New CD Entry
and manually type in the name of the audio disc and each audio
track. (If you click Cancel, this copies your CD tracks with generic
titles such as Track 01 or Track 4.)”

Any suggestions how to get this to open for me?