Need some advice

First I want to start by thanking every one who helped out, by answer all of my posts. I just built my first PC.

AMD 3500+ 939
ASUS A8V Deluxe
1 Gig of Corsair ValueSelect
NEC 16x DVD burner

Now I have a few questions. First I would like to know of any secure sites(spyware free) were I can go study up on how to tweak my computer for best performance? Does anybody have any advice on what I should do to tweak my computer? Next, I need some good anti virus software. I am willing to spend up to a 100$. I don’t know if it is simply between Norton and Macifee? What is the difference between Norton Antivirus software and Norton Systems Works? Last I heard that SP 2 causes problems to your system and it doesn’t work well with the 64 bit systems unless you know how to config it right. If this is true could I please get some advice and help on SP 2? How to config it and is it worth having?

get Ad-aware and Spy-bot for spyware.
Also look here and here

There is lots of free anti-virus sofwtare to consider as well. Huge discussions here on it.

SP2 has mixed reports, it doesn’t hurt to try it, run the PC for a few weeks, if all goes well then keep it, otherwise full format and go up to SP1a.

I currently download a norton antivirus internet security 2005 and i couldn’t open the download file.I check the properties it was BIN file.Any one suggest me how to open it and which kind of software do i need to open this bin file. looking forward anyone advice


What has this to do with the initial question ?
Btw, you are obviously talking about warez…consider reading the board rules !!!

bin is a cd image format, but no warez please.

  1. There is a debate what anti-virus program is the best or let us put in this way: “effective”. My experience (when you actually have to deal with a virus) is that NAV is more effective, nevertheless, others may have different views.

  2. Norton SystemWorks is a complex utility program, that incorporates a number of useful software (NAV, NDD, NWD, etc.).

  3. My personal view is that SP2 can cuase more harm than produce any sufficient difference copmpared to SP1. One of the main “issues” of the new Windows Service Pack is Internet security. I think security can be achieved without SP2, for instance using a firewall and a number of other additional software (trojan-removers, etc.).