Need Some Advice on Writers/Readers

After having done a great deal of research, I think I am going to settle on Clone as my package of choice. However, I come from the old school of CD-Writing. (You know, us old farts that first got an HP 4020i and had to copy the CD to the hard drive and then write and back, supplying the correct volume label).

My question is this, what current writer and reader supports the widest array of features as far as writing the various kinds of copy protections? There is a wide variety of information about what to -avoid-, but little in the way that I found of consesus or even ppl’s opinions about what makes the most uber setup.

Thanks for input,


PS: Don’t blast me too hard, remember I am a frail old man! :slight_smile:

Any IDE Toshiba DVD-ROM (personally the 1402) or the Liteon 163 DVD & the Plex 24x or Liteon 24x CD-RW - any combo & you will be :cool:

I can only agree here :smiley: