Need some advice on DVD quality longevity etc



Hey guys and gals,

I know this topic has been hashed to death in several threads, but I need some advice anyway. I’m converting some VHS video over to DVD for a client of mine. She wants only the “best quality” media for preserving the video. I’m going to make her 3 copies of everything - 1 will be the “usable” copy on LightScribe media so it looks cool, 1 will be a “data” backup of the mpg on quality DVD media, and 1 will be a “dvd master” on quality DVD media. The data and master copies will be archived in a temp controlled safe.

Here are my questions:

(1) From what I can read in the " what is the best dvd media thread ", it seems the Taiyo Yuden or the Verbatims are the best quality. Am I correct?

(2) Are the Taiyo Yuden linked in this storefront of the same quality as mentioned in the " what is the best dvd media thread " thread?

(3) If not, then can someone link me to where I can purchase them?

(4) How do I tell which Verbatims are the best? I purchase a lot from - is there a difference in Verbatims?

Thanks in advance for helping me out with this.


If you avoid TY’s Value Line media, all TY OEM, unbranded and That’s brand media is about the same quality. According to koba, the first discs of TY’s batches go to drive manufacturers and Sony PlayStation developers, then OEM (Plextor, Verbatim, Panasonic, TDK, Fuji) and unbranded discs are made, and after that That’s media is made. TY’s batches are much smaller than other manufacturers’ batches (like Ritek) are, so this isn’t making such a big difference.

If you avoid European Verbatim Pearl White media, everything is okay.
Verbatims (the Advanced Azo+ ones) are made by CMC, Prodisc, Moser Baer and Taiyo Yuden.

Usually Made in Taiwan (CMC or Prodisc) Verbatims are most consistent. The cakebox will tell you whether it is CMC or Prodisc. CMC is using serif fonts for their cakeboxes.
Moser Baer India’s quality is varying, but it is not as bad as it used to be.
TYs in Verbatim packaging are rare and could only be bought in Europe when they were available, so forget about it. :wink:

The climatic stability of Verbatim discs overall is slightly better than TY DVD+R discs and much better than TY DVD-R discs. TY doesn’t have LightScribe media, only printable media though…


After reading about reports of deteriorating Verbatims (MCC codes) and poor batches circulating I now only use Taiyo Yuden. I intend to try out Maxell’s PLUS series line of media which is CLAIMED to be archival quality and even in some cases better than TY I have yet to try some samples.


xeerex, if you are going to burn three copies of every VHS original, you should not be looking for the single best DVD media! :disagree:

You should instead be looking for the three best different DVD media!

By burning onto three different media (different manufacturers and/or types) instead of burning onto three identical media, you will be minimizing the risk of all three going bad simultaneously.



Right - one will be on LightScribe media and the other 2 can be on whatever one or two are the best.

Thanks for the feedback!


[B]xeerex[/B], what burner(s) are you going to use to burn the discs?


YUDEN DVD+R, MXL DVD-R and MCC DVD-R would be my 3 choices.


What about MCC and MAXELL dvd+r?


And which subtype of MCC DVD[U]+[/U]R? MIS by MCC, MIT by CMC, MIT by Prodisc or MII by MBI?


I just gave my personal 3 choices. The DVD+R version would be fine too, but I consider the DVD-R versions of MCC and MXL to be superior. MCC MIT (both), not MII. Maybe even MIS if you find some.


xeerex, what burner(s) are you going to use to burn the discs?

One of the following:
Samsung CD/DVDW TS-L532M (on my laptop)

LITE-ON 16X DVD±R DVD Burner W/LightScribe and 5X DVD-RAM Model SHM-165H6S (on my desktop)

And which subtype of MCC DVD+R? MIS by MCC, MIT by CMC, MIT by Prodisc or MII by MBI?

uh - oh…Here we go with the kazillion choices thread again… :doh:


Ok everyone - after getting sidetracked on other projects, I’m back to trying complete this one. There are over 20 VHS tapes that I am converting. Here are a couple of other questions for the community.

(1) Does anyone have any experience with MAM-A media? (good or bad)

(2) What types of labels would you recommend for whatever media I end up using?


I can answer the second question straight off - no sticky labels whatsoever. Use a Sharpie, or buy Lightscribe discs, and do them on your LiteOn drive :slight_smile:


buy Lightscribe discs, and do them on your LiteOn drive

That is what I was thinking for the “working” copies - the ones she will play frequently. Does TY or Verbatim offer lightscribe discs or what brand do you recommend?


Don’t think TY make them, but Verbatim most certainly do. :iagree:

I’d use the Verbatim ones :slight_smile:


Hi, newb here (but def. not elsewhere!).

What about DVD DL media? Any suggestions yet for those? Preliminary info?



For quality only Verbatim DL media is worth it. All other media is pretty bad. CMC DL media is second best.


CMC 2nd best? What about Ricoh?
And then TY is looming over the horizon too.

Ritek probably cannot get any worse. I’m curious how it stacks up to CMC.
I’ve not seen CMC DL to date, nor anybody else I know.


The original premium TYs pass QC and are certified to burn at their rated, respective spped, while the value line are rated at a certain burning speed but may produce errors and are better burnt at 1 step lower than what they are rated to be.

Example, the value TY 16x are best burnt at 8x.

Now in the value line exceeds by all means all the other crap media being sold to the market including the infamous riteks :smiley:


What exactly dou you mean by “climatic stability” ? If you mean resistance to temperature and humidity extremes or changes, than it implies that the overall reliability of TY DVD-R is much worse than Verbatim’s (and TY +R just a little worse :)). That is an extremely grave statement, as TY is generally considered the best media money can buy in the ‘western world’, while Verbatim usually comes second.