Need some advice on buying a cd burner

Hi i have found a SCSI Sony 8/4/32 for $409AU. is this a goo price. and will this burner be able to do playstation and over burn. what is the best program to do PlayStaion.

Thanks for your help.

if wanna burn playstation, vcd’s, protected pc games buy a Teac or a Plextor burner and you can burn almost everything…



Go for Plextor it is the best! Plus, it will copy anything you want with the right software (CloneCD).

Damn, I must ask Plextor for some money by now, I can’t even count the times I have recommended their drives.


I’m going to agree with everyone else in here and say go plextor, they are the best and you wont be dissapointed. If possible, get the 12/4/32. Now these are FAST.


Buy what you want just be certain it’s
You won’t regret it !!

I am currently using the Plextor 12/4/32 burner with the Plextor 40Max reader on the same SCSI chain. Talk about fast. How about making a copy in 5-6 minutes. That fast enough? I love the drives. In all of the forums I watch everyone says the same thing. If you have the money buy the best which in most cases is the Plextor. And now there isn’t anything I have found yet that I couldn’t make a back up copy of thanks to CloneCD. Make sure when you use CloneCD to support the company by registering the software. Help support that man to make even better software(If that is possible). Reminder though. In order for CloneCD to work with the plextor drives, you need to make sure that the firmware is up to date and also the CloneCD is the only version that supports the new 12/4/32.

dneff98, hey, will the 12/4/32 write in RAW mode??
I have one, and I know Clone CD & CDRWIN support it, will I be able to write in raw?

Thanx in advanced