Need some advice for a new laptop

My mother wants to buy a laptop and as I’m not so familiar with laptops I thought some of you may give me some advice.
It’ll be mostly used for ms office suite, internet (skype, emails, etc…), digital photos (maybe some simple editing) and burning some discs. I thought about 1gb ram, 80gb hdd, dvdrw drive, integrated wlan, gigabit ethernet and an 15,4 inch monitor. I’m not sure about the cpu (intel, amd) and the graphic solution (onboard with shared memory or graphic card) it should not be more than 800€ which is about 1100$. Anything would be helpful maybe there are even some evil laptop traps which I have to know when buying one. Thanks in advance for your help.

Well have you looked at the US stateside … and look at their laptop reviews…to see what you can see the review…and then go on from that…

I’d have a look at Fujitsu Siemens Pi 2530 which seems to give you a very good bang for the buck. Good laptops in general too.
Datasheet (in English)