Need some 360 burning help please



Hi everyone

I have a modded 360 and I’m trying to burn my games.

I’m using a pioneer 111D duel layer burner
duel layer discs
iso burner and also Nero

When I burn the games, they appear unreadable to my xbox and it won’t play them :rolleyes:

don’t know much about ‘patching’ and I’m guessing that’s the last link in the puzzle?

Can anyone help me out please

many thanks


We need a little more info i.e. how did you create the image, what discs did you use. etc…


Just downloaded and extracted until I got the 2 folders video ts and audio ts then burnt to vertibram 8.5g dvd+r using iso burner

on some games it comes up with the title of the disc then stops, others won’t load at all.

I’ve watched loads of you tube videos but none seem to use iso burner with the pioneer I have so I’m lost. I reckon I need to patch them before burning but they programs recomended won’t work with vista :confused:

Cheers if you can help guys, i’m making endless coasters here :sad: