Need software suggestion please. thank u

hello. i have some video files (mpg, & avi abou 4 minutes long at 100 mb) and i want to make a dvd. now, i’m using tmpeg software to convert files into dvd compatible files and use another program to compile dvd. the process itself is taking just too long. is there any program that does converting and compiling at once? thank you.

my computer:
pent @ 3.0 ghz
memory 1 gb

Why don’t you use the batch function in TMPGEnc then?

What authoring software have you used?


Maybe you can have a try on WinAVI . It can convert mpg, & avi as well as other formats to dvd, and then just select the created Video_ts folder to burn. You do not need to reauthor it.

i use nerovision express when i need to put stuff together. it takes a long time (i usually let it run overnight) but it can burn for you or write the files or iso to your HDD so you can work with it later if you want. I use it because it’s simple, and I’m not doing anything fancy. It’s just drag and drop then add a rudimentary menu then wait for the whole thing to process.

the longest one i did was 4 episodes of an hour long tv show (so about 42 min x 4 = a little under 3 hours) and that took about 6 hours to process.

TMPGEnc usually produces a better quality output. :wink:

i may have to check it out. i can be stubborn when it comes to learning new software haha. Plus nero is SO easy. I guess anything is easy once you figure it out though. I’ll add it to my to do list haha.

thank you for your replies. tmpgenc coudln’t encode some video files and that’s one of the reasons i was looking for something else. thank you.

What video files don’t works on TMPGEnc?

If you get messages from Tmpgenc about it can’t open a file then it’s often down to the priorities assigned in the vfapi plugins.

i’m compiling a dvd consisted of short music video clips about 4-8 minutes long. these music video’s are in avi and mpg and in all sort of codecs. i get an error message saying “can’t open file” on some of these files. is there any way to fix this issue? thank you in advance.

You need the appropriate codecs.
The better way is to uncompress the source files (especially the audio part) by using VirtualDub etc. and then loading it into TMPGEnc…

reading at timc’s advice, i did a search on the internet and found the solution to my problem with tempenc. and this is what i’ve found.

"If you’re having problems opening an .avi file with TMPGEnc in order to encode it into MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format, but the AVI plays just fine with your Media Player (or any other video player installed on your PC), this is normally the first thing you need to do:

Go to the TMPGEnc’s Option menu and select Environmental settings. From there, select the VFAPI Plug-in tab.

There you see a list of various reader plugins installed for the TMPGEnc. The one that’s called DirectShow Multimedia File Reader is the one that we’re looking at. As a default, its priority is -1. Select the item and right click on it. Choose Higher priority and repeat this until the “Priority” for this item is higher than any other plugin’s priority in the list. "

thank everyone for their help.

Thanks to you for the trick. :clap: :clap: :clap: