Need software recommendation

Can anyone recommend some editing software for minor DVD editing. To be specific, I’d like to edit some programs I recorded off the air on a set-top DVD recorder to remove commercials. I’d like to edit the VOBs directly, without converting back and forth between formats.

I’ve been using NeroVision Express, and it kinda sucks for this (too slow, hard to locate commercials, buggy). Is there something better out there?

Legality note: Before I get a bunch of flames about how this is illegal, please be advised that in the U.S. it is legal to record TV programs off the air. Please refer to the Sony vs Universal case of 1984, where the Supreme Court ruled that recording TV shows is “fair use”.

Try with “tmpgenc dvd author” or with “dvd lab pro”

If you have Nerovsion Express, then you almost certainly have Nero Recode.

It is easy to do this with Recode, simply by use “make a new dvd” option, selecting the title. After it has analysed the file (about 1-2 mins), simply select the same title n+1 times whe n = no of commercial breaks.

From the main screen you can select each instance of the same title and trim it very easily (set start/end) button. i.e. first instance of title is trimmed to be part 1 only, second instance part 2 only etc.

When all selected, simply burn (best to hard disk first and then from HD to DVD using Nero).

This is very quick and only takes around 15 mins or so. You don’t end up with a menu though i.e. you put in DVD and it simply starts. However, this is no big deal. The time saving outweighs the minor issue by a mile.

Also, in the basic form as described here, each part (part 1, 2) becomes a separate title which play one after the other, which limits easy navigation a bit i.e. you can’t easily fast forward though whole program. However, you can normally select a title though from your DVD remote to get round this.

Using IFOEDIT and/or PGCEDIT (both freeware) you can actually merge as a single title, set chapter spacing etc, and enable full navigation. Do a search on my posts (oilman) as I describe how to do it elsewhen in more detail.

If you don’t have Recode, you could use DVD Shrink (freeware) to basically do the same.

Oilman, using NeroVision Express to delete commercials is easier than using Recode, and I can have a menu also. Its just that NeroVison Express is really slow. I found the best way to use it is to locate the cut points using WinDVD, which can navigate around nice and quick. Unfortunately, the time counter in WinDVD doesn’t exactly match the counter in NeroVision – they’re off by a few seconds.

I also have Ulead DVD MovieFactory and Magix Video deLuxe. I’m very disappointed with both programs. MovieFactory does less than NeroVision (only ugly pre-made menu templates). Video deLuxe is a pre-DVD editor. Neither program can import from VOB files, and are primarily targeted for DV input.

I’d really like something to replace these that is good at editing DVD material. Basically, something like NeroVision, but not so horribly sluggish (and more menu creation tools would be nice).

Excellent recommendations - I use a few progams myself, and DVD AUthor is one of them - It lets you import a VIDEO_TS folder, no need to convert anything, you can DIRECTLY edit a DVD, it even imports the chapters of a DVD and allows you to change them to your liking and then re-export a new VIDEO_TS folder without recompression.

For more advanced editing, I use DVD Author to convert a given title inside a VIDEO_TS into an MPG file that I later bring inside WOMBLE MPEG VIDEO WIZARD 2006, which has all the bells and whistles (titling, 2D and 3D special effects, audio editing / AC3 encoding, format conversion, you name it… Check out - I have used it both for fun and for business and have never experienced any problems. There is a 30 day trial, fully functional, (a bit on the expensive side, but worth every penny!).

Thanks for the recommendations. So far I’ve looked at:

DVD Lab Pro $200
TMPEG DVD Author $90
Womble Video Wizard DVD $140

Now I’m feeling wallet cramps, especially since I paid $15 for Video deLuxe and $10 for MovieMaker (both on sale), and they weren’t worth even half what I paid. Even DVD Author at $90 is a bit much, even if it does what I want. For now, I’d rather struggle along with NeroVision and be $90 richer.

Is there something reasonably priced out there?

Take a look here to find somthing free

re. NVE and Recode - matter of opinion mate!