Need software program to print CD Covers on BOTH Sides!

I’m hoping someone here may have some suggestions for me.

I’ve been using the Easy CD Creator software on Windows 98 to make CD covers. I really like the program because I paste the jpeg files into the grid and am able to print on BOTH SIDES of the paper. Because the grid is centered, I can print on both sides, thus having inside information as well as outside covers.

I have Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 on Windows XP, but their “improved” version of the software does not have a centered grid, so i can’t print on both sides of the same page.

Is there another program out there someone is aware of that can enable me to print my covers on both sides of the page?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I am not sure I follow you exactly, but I personally use SureThing Labeler Deluxe for my DVD cover which supports printing an inner booklet and the front and back cover at once. I use the NEATO DVD case inserts.

I used Click’N Design 3D Pre-XP.
Their XP version doesn’t support designs created with their pre-XP version.
I can open the designs but they are a bit messed-up and the fonts are wrong.
I have a dual-boot system with W2K.
I use the pre-XP version in W2K.
I have used Click’N Design 3D to print on both sides of a sheet of paper.
I forget if I just made two designs and flipped the paper to print separately or if the program asked me to flip the paper.
I recall having some program, maybe this one, that would ask me to flip the paper to print the second side.
If a program asks you to flip the page, it MAY automatically flip the design to keep your tops and bottoms matched. Otherwise, you have to make note of how your printer prints in landscape mode to make sure your tops and bottoms match-up.

Be sure to use thick stock so you ink doesn’t bleed through or a dark image on one side doesn’t interfere with a light image on the other side.