Need software for audigy 1

i don’t know what the software is called or anything but i need more options…
like change individual speaker volumes and stuff like that…

there’s something called creative surround mixer on the web page but its only the update maybe this is what i’m look’n for…i don’t know

some help would be nice…thanks :bow:

The update (found here as item number 4 if you get lost in their site) is the full thing, just probabally updated on what came on the driver CD.

The requirements section lists what else you need, so as long as you have the sound card plugged in and XP loaded, then your good to go.

P.S. to change the volume on left and right speakers, just use the balance slider like everyone else, it’s much easier :wink:

On my audigy 2 (hope that on audigy 1 is the same), once installed drives on CD, there is an application named “Surround mixer”. On this there are two tabs; on tab named “advanced” there are volume controls for any individual speaker

@ petera … thats just the update man

@geno88 … yes man thats what i need the surround mixer but the one on there web page is just the update and i don’t have the install cd :frowning:

i need these files Surround mixer, Device Controls, SoundFont, Speaker test , Task Bar, EAX Control Panel, Diagnostics and Restore defaults

would the surround mixer from audigy 2 work for audigy 1…

god i hate creative…

If you want to do away with creative drivers for good, may i suggest you check out the kx project. I have an audigy 2 and find these drivers to be much better than the stock creative ones. However it was quite an effort to COMPLETELY remove the old creative drivers, they seemed to have invaded my system. I ended up using something like driver cleaner to do it properly, plain old uninstalling them didn’t seem to work.

P.S. It’s about time I posted something here, I have used this forum quite a bit. It’s very informative and helpful.

Yeah, recently i formatted my computer, relised i lost my driver cd for my SB LIVE 5.1. worked but now i am using the kx project (google it) drivers, they are very nice. Try em out.

heres a working link

FYI, I was looking at last night and noticed that in their downloads section they had drives for audigy sound cards…