Need simple DVD Maker

[qanda]This thread is about the Olympus µ 1030SW, Platinium Silver. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Who can help me? I would like to know the easy way to make
DVDs out of my digital videos.My PC does not burn DVDs.I have Stylus Olympus 1030 SW Digital Camera (underwater shots are cool). I also have a
bunch of blank DVDs I know they are the right ones because my wife once
made DVDs through her PC from my camera and they work great through
our DVD player to the TV set. We almost got a devorce over the episode so
I would like to just plug the camera in to some kind of DVD burner. Is it possible if so I will buy it right now.

Kind Regards

Butch Denice

You can transfer the avi’s to your wife’s hard drive and use DVDFlick,, to make your DVD. If you want a burner for your computer, give us some specs, opeating system, make/model, etc so that someone can suggest a compatible drive for your system.

Hi Butch Denice and Welcome:

I don’t know where you’re located but if it’s in the U. S. and there’s a Walgreen’s near you, they have this service available. Insert a flash card in their unit and respond to the prompts. Otherwise, the software that’s out there has become more user friendly and forum members can provide assistance if you want to work through a computer.

You will defenitely need a DVD burner in your PC. If your PC is less than four years old, it would have a DVD burner already in it. If not, they’re very easy to install, and cost no more than $25 for a decent one. You can burn those movie files to a CD, but it would consume alot of CD’s.

Maybe the Sony VRD-MC5 is what you looking for. It says it’s designed for Sony cameras but maybe it will work with an Olympus as well. If not just hang to that receipt and package because that’s what return policies are for :).