Need Securom advice: Where am I going wrong?

Ok, here goes.

I used BlindWrite 4.2.5 with my Liteon 48125W (VS08) as both reader/writer to backup UT2003. I carefully followed the backup method with creating a BWA file (the thread “Ut2003 Tutorial How To Backup” by pfitz). The result was a disc that would give me an error message when I tried to install UT2003.

I had previously tried CloneCD with the “SeruromnewLiteon” profile, which seemed to copy the disc ok, because I was able to complete the UT2003 installation process. When I used the Cloned disc to PLAY UT2003, I just got this f**ken annoying CD icon that spins in place of your mouse pointer for 30-40 seconds… then nothing. (Hello Securom) Then, seeing as I already had UT2003 installed to HDD, I inserted my original UT2003 CD and it played OK. So obviously I had a problem with the Cloned disc not being able to PLAY UT2003.

Getting back to the backup I made using BlindWrite, although I got the error message during install, I used this disc to PLAY UT2003. After approx 30 seconds, the game started!

Why can’t I make a disc that is capable of both installing AND playing UT2003, just like the original?
What am I doing wrong? :confused:
Any suggestions, thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone

Since this is a temp way to copy this thing it has some problems…

If you get the “online help” in BW you will se that it recomends making 2 dics. One for install and one for play…

Me…I have now just one disc and it will install the game but if i try to run it if will say “CRASH UT2003.EXE”

so what I do then is apply the offficial patch and then the disc is fine to play with …

So I guess there is no way right now not to damage the .exe files (and others) during the Twinpeaks patching

Originally posted by Greffel
So I guess there is no way right now not to damage the .exe files (and others) during the Twinpeaks patching

No the twinpeak process doesn’t alter the game.exe or any other file for that matter.

The problem that exists with installing from the play back-up copy is that many roms “choke” on the twin sectors inserted so as to imitate the physical structure of the original cd. This isn’t a problem when playing as all the program does is check that the physical structure of the cd is “kosher”.

In short, CJS, you’re not doing anything wrong and you should note that the blindwrite team recommend tha tyou make an additional copy of the play cd without using a bwa file for installation purposes. (You can just make one of these with nero or copying program of your choice on-the-fly. It will enable installation without problems but, of course, you’ll need to use your bwa back-up to play the game.)

Oh, and if worst comes to worst, you can always install the game from your original cd (you do own the original don’t you? :wink: )

Yeeees!! LOL!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Although it is cool to be the first kid on the block to have the latest and greatest game just released, (I remember rushing out to buy Gran Turismo 2 for Playstation One), these days I wait to read a few reviews of a game that is a “Potential Purchase”. When the verdict is in and majority rules, I go out and spent the dosh $$$. Then let the backup process begin! :slight_smile:

BTW, thanks for reassuring me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I’m not “Mr Technical” (although I’d like to be) so when something goes wrong, I assume the error lies between my keyboard and the back of my chair! ie: Me!
So thanks to you all for your patience and advice. :bow:

If anyone else would like to share their experience with backups of Securomnew games, please feel free to post. I would be (and many others too) very interested to hear your story. Thanks again.

anyone know which CD Reader “choke” when trying to use a disc created with the BWA file for installation and which do not choke? I thought I read Plextor chokes, but I used a Plextor to install No One Lives Forever 2 (using the same disc for game play) and all works fine