Need Securom 4.8 help

Last time, I post an illegal post. Now let me explain. I’ve just bought a English Grammar in Use book from my Friend-my old Friend, my grandfather. now, I need an backup of this disc, without emulation.
May sb give me a help. I think what I do or will do is not violate the Forum rule.Sorry for my bad English.

See here.

Thanks philamber for very fast reply, but I had already read that, and I do belive I did not well,

“One additional advantage of this method though is that if by chance you’re unlucky and the copy won’t work at all from any of your drives, you can always make an RMPS emulation copy by simply burning the original unpatched image files with alcohol using Securom *New (4.x/5.x) datatype settings.”
. I think this cd similar to this voice