Need SDW-421S Firmware

So retarded me flashed my SDW-421S firmware to SDW-431S firmware without backing up (I know, I know). Anyway, now the drive won’t work and I can’t find the original firmware anywhere. Does anyone happen to have it?

Thanks in advance,


Hi and Welcome!

Try to find firmwares for your drive.
I assume, you had a bad flash or did the drive work initially?


Yeah, the drive worked initially. I’ve already checked over at rpc1 and they don’t have the firmware. I’ve literally looked everywhere.

If the drive worked initially, then it is probably dead. Other firmware wouln’t help at all.
You might go through the troubleshooting instructions given here:

Btw: The codeguys have firmwares for your drive!


The firmware isn’t on that page. It lists the drive but there’s no firware available